Hermes GabroStone

Hermes GabroStone is the purchasing organization acting for and on behalf of the affiliated company Hermes GabroStone Sp. z o. o, Szczecin / Poland.

Granite, Marble, Limestone and Slate in form of slabs, cut-to-size and tiles are sourced from high quality producers in Brazil, China, India and Turkey. All sales conducted by the affiliated company Hermes GabroStone Sp. z o.o are directed to the markets of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Baltic States.

Our role is to source impeccable products at competitive prices supported by professional service and absolute reliability. All our businesses are carried out in the spirit of true partnership with all our suppliers.

Producers are invited to contact us in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

Peter Seiler
Phone +41 44 801 12 24

Marianne Zogg
Phone +41 44 801 12 23

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